Ways to tone stomach

How to tone your stomach fast by doing it right

Lose lower belly fatStomach fat is not only unsightly but has been long linked to a number of health related risks and has proven to be the most dangerous type of fat there is. So if you have a big and hanging midsection, it is something that you should be worried about.

Most of  us are led to believe that by just doing crunches and sit-ups a few minutes a day, you could tighten and tone stomach easily, thanks to the glossy beauty magazine or fitness program on TV. What they failed to mention is to get those great looking abs, you need to lose whole body fat instead of just focusing working on ONE part of your body. That is what you call spot reduction, which many of you may have known is a total MYTH. The truth to tone stomach is to reduce overall body fat percentage with the combination of right food and exercise.

Ways to tone stomach quickly by avoiding the wrong foods

How to tone your stomachEating healthy natural food will likely help to reduce your fat intake and help you to shed that stubborn stomach fat. However, do you know that the everyday foods which seemed harmless can actually promote that bulge around your waistline. It’s not just the amount of food that you consume matters, but also the type of food that you take, could have drastic effects on your mid section. Knowing which ones to avoid could help you make a more informed choice.

There are foods that release chemicals that can put stress on your body. Caffeine for example, act as a stimulant that increases your heart rate and blood pressure. At biological level, this actually makes the body feels that it is under threat, even you if physically you don’t feel it. Your body will automatically go into an self-preservation mode where it turns calories into fat caused by stress hormone called cortisol. The place where most of this fat is stored is usually in your belly.

Another type of foods to stay away from are those triggers production of excess insulin. We need insulin to break down glucose and regulating energy. But, whenever you eat something that is sugary sweet, your blood sugar will go on a nosedive because too much insulin is produce which make us feel hungry. Insulin also stops the use of fat as an energy source and that is not a good thing! So, as much as possible try to stay away from foods make your insulin to go an overdrive by cutting down your sugary treats or soda drinks.

Substitute these types of food with fresh fruits or whole nuts and drink more water instead. If you can’t give up caffeine switch to green tea. It gives you the enough caffeine while increasing your metabolic rate and a host of other health benefits.

Exercises to tone stomach fast

Cardio Exercises
You may not like knowing this but fats accumulate more at ¬†certain part of your body mainly due to your genetic makeup. And it’s something that you can’t change not matter how many crunches you do in a day. To reduce that fat around your belly, you have to lose the fat of your entire body. To shed the fats and tone the stomach requires a recommended at least 5 hours of cardio exercise every week. There is no best cardio workout that could reduce the belly fat. You can walk, jog, run, take an aerobics class, swim or ride a bike As long it works best for you and you are prepared to do it for the long haul. For me personally, jogging has produced good result as suppose to biking. But it might not be same for others. The important thing is when you start seeing a bit of change on your belly, that will give you the motivation to continue on. You’d be surprised that you can actually enjoy doing cardio.

If you’re wondering when is the best time to do cardio? My best bet is, first thing in the morning. It is effective because your body has not taken in any calories while you sleep, so doing cardio at this time of the day will give a maximum fat loss.

Core Strength Workouts
Core Strength training is the use of resistance to build and strengthen your muscles. If you’re aiming for that tone stomach that are bikini ready, you have to include this into your workouts. Cardio will help to melt all those unwanted fats but strength training will help you shape your abs while strengthening your core.

There are many ways that you can do strength training without going to the gym. You could do leg lifts, lying on your back on the floor and raise your leg to a 45 degree angle or you could use exercise ball to do your crunches.

Once you have a good routine that works for you, remember to have more variety so that don’t get bored. Also, as time goes by make sure that you increase your workout intensity so you can say goodbye of bulging stomach forever!

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